How pretty is your next Milestone ?

In the months of May and June you may find youngsters sweating it out even when they are living in a comfortable air conditioned house. Not all of them, only those who have just completed their Board / Public exams. It’s time for them to decide on their career path. They have just crossed their first important milestone. So what’s next ? MBBS ? EEE ? ECE ? Journalism ?

I recently watched this debate on tv; the proposition was if the students should decide their career or should their parents? Aah, some of you remember the pain of having  to convince your parents eh ? until the recent past, every parent wanted their child to either become a doctor or an engineer. Doctor was the most noble profession (I still do agree its noble, u save people’s lives) and engineering , well it doesn’t involve human sciences, so lets say the most preferred non-bio yet scientific profession. And then of course we have CA. That sums up to a few millions to choose between these three professions.

I remember when I was young my granny wanted me to take up medicine cause she thought I had a ‘personality’ for a doctor. I don’t see how; still haven’t. I long knew I wanted to do something in the field of Arts. well, digital art. My mom gave me the green signal , she being an artist herself (thank god!). My dad never was against me taking up this field, but the worried dad that he was , he wanted me to get an engineering degree before I do ANYTHING.Anyway, all said , I ended up doing what I wanted to do. But I am sure I am only lucky to have parents who encourage the child’s passion. But how many are like that. really. In this competitive world, everyone wants to be in the top of the bureaucracy. Everyone wants to take up a ‘lucrative’ job. Even if that meant to give up their passion.

So what IS in fact the most lucrative occupation ? Well, the first one that came up in my mind is that of a politician. How easy.Become a politician. Not only do u have the money, but u are also given a billion free passes. And the best part is you don’t even have to be that educated !! ( I think I am going to write another blog about how educated our politicians are)

All I want to say is EVERY profession is lucrative. Rather, its not the profession that makes it lucrative. It’s YOU which will make it lucrative. Working your way up to the ladder is going to make you successful. Hard work, smart work and mainly choosing the right work. Everyone is born with a purpose. I personally wouldn’t be successful as an accountant. Cause it doesn’t interest me, so I make no effort to try and get to the top. I  may be a hardworking person, but for smart work I need to really enjoy accounting. No occupation is worthless. What’s important is to do what you like, and to do it right. Things will automatically fall in place.

Another thing that bothers me is that our society still categorizes professions as wow, O.K and Oh that one! (weird categorization?)

So if I were to tell you that I was working as a Cardiologist – that’s a Wow; A Visual effects artist – err OK; working in a B.P.O – Oh that same old job!

First of all it takes almost the same stress level to be either of them.

A cardiologist saves lives. True. The world can’t live without doctors. They are next to God. Agreed. But I don’t know , you tell me, will the world live without Cinema? Or is there no ‘technological development’ in Cinema? Are you ready to enroll in any product service if they don’t offer 24/7 customer relations or toll free help desks? If a doctor is spending hours trying to learn how to open a heart and operate on it, an artist is making the same effort to create an illusion, that which has not been perceived before; A call center staff is making the same effort to sit through long hours and try to help his/her clients solve a problem with a broken computer. It’s all the same. Just looks different. When we can laurel at man kind to send satellites into the space, we are not able to dignify an industry that entertains you or satisfies you on a daily basis! Funny is it not?

Nature’s point of living among reptiles and plants and other mammals is to live in diversity. Why is it so hard for us to understand what nature is blatantly throwing at us ? If everyone was similar or the same, we would no longer be humans, we would be robots. We are born to help each other. A doctor prescribes a movie to a stressful call center staff, who was trying to sell Life insurance schemes to his customers!

So parents, stop forcing your kids to take up a profession YOU think is high ranked or lucrative. Instead, encourage them to be smart and tactful. That way no one looses.


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