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|| krinvanto vishwam aryam ||

|| Make the world a noble place for the entire human race ||

The recent news from the state of Bihar threw up many agitations nation-wide. The primary school children of Bihar were asked to print their Caste in the examination papers for an “honest assessment”. A circular issued in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur District demands that all students in state-run schools indicate their caste on the answer sheets for their annual exams.The circular says, “All those appearing for annual examination, please don’t forget to mention whether you belong to a Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Caste, Extreme Backward Caste or Other Backward Castes, for an honest assessment.”The circular has been withdrawn after the Media began reporting it.

This has sprung many debates in Indian Television questioning the Caste system that still exists in India. Caste system has been followed in India for many decades.(refer to Vedas and Caste post) No tradition is valid until it is present in the Vedas. The Vedas, excluding the Rigveda, speak of the creation of the caste system and the development in detail.What started as a social order turned out to pose a threat to the social harmony. There has been so many anti-caste movies, so many events and Caste is still deep rooted in the soils of the nation. While India may boast of Hinduism as a world religion, loop holes such as caste break its sanctity. While Vedas were written to create an open system, to practice equality and brotherhood, to maintain justice in the society, Caste system proves to be a contradiction.

As always any system has a boon and a bane ..


1. Following the traditions has helped Hinduism to prevail for a long time amidst foreign intruders , Keeping the system intact.

2. Division of labour

3. Unity in Diversity – It has the underlying idea that all the classes from the supreme being (Purusha). It is therefore the products of the universal divine nature.

4. Bound of Brotherhood – Members from the same community try and help each other financially or emotionally during bad times.

To many people’s suprise Caste system has been rationalized in the ancient times –

1. Its presence in the Vedas encourages people to validate its purpose.
2. The theory of Karma- People with a good karma are re-born into an upper class family, and those with a bad karma are meant to be in a lower cast. How you sow, so you reap !
3. Classification based on the three Gunas- Sattva (nobel, peaceful, knowledgeable) ,Rajas (need for power , wealth, lust ) and Tamas(unclean and dirty)- Typically the Brahmins , the Kshatriyas and vaishyas , and the Sudras respectively.
4. Religious Laws- Laws were written in the Manuscript that have harsh punishments for anyone trying to violate the caste system. These are also not present in the earlier Vedas which makes us believe that they were written to justify the practice of the Caste system.


1. Exploitation of the weak- Though the system was created to have order in the society , regulate the affairs of the people and maintain order, it has proved to be such a contradiction. The ‘lower’ classes have been exploited. Taboos like the Untouchables / Harijans are products of higher classes looking down upon the lower ones.It is used as an instrument of oppression in the hands of the socially elite.

2. Foreign domination – United we stand , Divided we rule. It does not hold true only for Hindus and Muslims in a greater sense. Even within the society if people don’t stand up for each other sooner or later the culture which we have been trying to preserve so meticulously, is lost anyway. One of the main reasons why so many hindus converted to other religions is because the lower classes were devoid of self-esteem. The same person with another name was looked as an equal, while he was ill-treated otherwise. I don’t mean to encourage the Hindutva ethnocentrism. But the implications can be on any other scale.

3. Preferential Treatment- The are going to need a larger database to document all the reservation policies in our country. The lower class claims for reservations to have the equal opportunities. The upper class feels that his birth rights have been snatched. Now we are in a state where we can’t understand who has gained more preference over the other. It would not waste anyone’s time or sentiments if merit was given first preference over your caste.

4. It produces caste prejudices among the society. there has been enough blood shed in the name of Jaat / Madham (class / Religion).

There is a reason why I chose to elaborate on the banes rather than the boons. I want to take sides. There is no benefit in being biased towards the caste system. It may well have worked centuries back, but it is such a mis-fit in today’s world. I am sure that an appreciable percentage of the new generation does not even care about the castes because of their exposure to its implications. But it is not the case with children from backward states. Instilling such ideas into a young mind will keep caste system still intact. I do appreciate all those film directors for taking the efforts to fight caste systems in their movies. But it is not enough. It is the responsibility of ever citizen to believe in an equal nation. Stop getting used to having privileges because you are born a ‘brahmin’. It doesn’t matter. The tag of a ‘brahmin’ is not going to make you get A+ in organic chemistry over night. No seriously. You are not smarter because you are a Brahmin. Some instances are rather funny. Loyola college in Chennai is a Catholic institute and is among the best that the country has produced. Since it was built on a religious foundation, it is only natural that they want to admit more Christians in their institute. Then why do Hindus want to go whine about getting only 2 % seats for a Visual communication seat. Why do they feel at that point that merit has to be given preference. By no means am I trying to justify a Christian college’s open declaration of religious preference. But rules and opinions apply for all. If it is wrong for that college to give preference to only Christians , it has been wrong all these years to give preference based on a caste system.It is also interesting how so many people are forced into the caste system, yet no one actually cares or tries to learn what it was originally meant for. blindly following a system is not called loyalty. It is called ‘Ignorance’.

Politics is another medium which uses caste as a tool to gain blind , loyal followers. BJP ,the main opposition party, thrives on its votes by propagating Hindutva. Congress and its allies try to demean them by saying everyone is equal. Caste is yet again being used a political trump card to gain power. In almost all states even within Hindus, caste is a major deciding factor. And it is only natural. When people are born and brought up with caste deep rooted into their minds, nothing else matters. It is difficult to throw away something that has been there for so many years, but we got to clean the house some day!

Change is simply inevitable. At this stage of metamorphosis, the only thing you can try and preserve is your self opinions and principles. It does not matter from which religion you learned it from. In my opinion, we can use religion or the gods to console us during our tough times- not an excuse to slaughter people or gain illegitimate power. Consider god as your personal psychiatrist and mend yourself. Consider God within you and you will heal by yourself. And slowly you will see a God in you, in your neighbor and in your friend. And probably you will then see that being “god” was after all being “just” and truthful to oneself. I don’t want to discuss if ‘God’ is real or surreal. But I do know that everything has been created for a purpose and once we realize it doesn’t serve any purpose , we can show its way to the garbage. The way we are beginning to lose our appendix as it serves no purpose we can begin dissolving caste from our society. And no it is not just a matter of time. Time will only heal if there are people ready to take the actions.

I don’t try to blog so that I can vent out my opinions and feelings. I wish to make a change. Even if one person begins to feel the need to change I am content. Take this small responsibility. You could change your friends and relatives. It is just a small step for you, but a milestone for the country.


My intestine is 7.5 mtrs long, what about yours ?

SO I live in a country where all the heads in the room will turn simultaneously towards you only because you uttered the MOST unusual – uncommon word- I am a “Vegetarian”. Yup , I live in Singapore now. Finally found a job, jajajajajajaj (english:hahahahahah) . ūüėĬ† Everything is good. Almost everything. Good work place, it’s got a pool table, my new addiction! An exhausting pantry , only one train stop from my house! most importantly one of the best companies ever! BUT, I will go as hungry as an empty car stuck in a dessert with not a single gas station within even 5 kms of radius. It is So hard to find a vegetarian restraunt here. You do ofcourse find dozens in “Little India”-which is a replica of India. But Indian food is by far the only purely vegtarian cuisine you can find here.

So after lunching together, my colleagues and I starting havign a conversation about food and which cuisine was their favorite , which food item was delicious and which animal was mouth-watering tasty!!! At that time I froze to what I was hearing.  They were discussing which parts of the animal meat were tastier than the rest! Apparently in Phillipines, nothing goes to the trash. So they decide to finish up even the BONE marrows! Holy cow!  So then our conversation grew gross-er and I then decided to write something about it that I would like to share. Some SENSE , that is .

Man was always termed as the top of the food chain. Meaning he was “Omnivorous”. So he eats everything from plants to animals. Right? Wrong!¬† and here is why..

I want to introduce to you some terms that some of you may not be familiar with. So the eating habits are categorized as
1. Herbivores : (Primary food) Equipped to handle raw leaf/ grass  : (animal species) the grazers;Cow, sheep..etc,.
2. Grainivores : Raw grains of various grasses : Birds
3. Frugivores : thrive mostly on raw fruits, succulent fruit-like vegetables, roots, shoots, nuts and seeds : Apes, Gorillas, Chimpanzees,monkeys etc,.
4.Insectivores : thrive on insects : ant-eaters(obviously!), amphibians etc,.
5.Carnivores: eat raw meat : cats, lions, tigers, wolves etc,.
6. Omnivores : Everything from plants to animals.

If you believe in Darwin’s evolution along with many others’ , you should come to a logical conclusion that we may categorize ourselves under the Frugivores ’cause our ancestors are up there. But we have not even seen the term in our Bio text books or even from the lecturers! (bet they love the chicken breast!). But It’s true.

Ill try and eliminate what we are not. We cannot be herbivores cause our intestines are not long enough / can’t digest raw plant fibres like the way cows do. (Have you every noticed cows bringing up their half chewed stuff back up to the mouth to chew them more and then swallow them..ewwww…But yea, it takes that long an intestine and that much chewing , you see!). Nor do we have a long neck to reach up to trees / tall branches.

We cannot be grainevores either ’cause we dont have beaks to break open the nuts/grains.

We cannot be insectivores, (unless you were born south-east Asian).Thankfully, half  (or more?) of the female population freaks out at the sight of roaches and bees!

We are not carnivores ’cause , ok this bit is interesting.

1.Now these guys can run really really fast to catch hold of their preys. We cant.No you can’t even over-take your house cat!
2.They have sharp canines to grab hold of the meat and tear those layers of tissues. And I know some people will quickly want to answer ” Oh we have knives and forks and axes” and stuff. FAIL. You just can’t eat them without any external effort if you were thrown in an island!
3. Their intestine. It’s 3-5 times the length of their body, which is much smaller than our’s (Cows have an intestine roughly 30 times the length of their body!) The reason they have small ones is because if the meat stays in the body too long it becomes toxic. Also carnivores animals produce highly acidic gastric juices in order to¬† digest the meat faster , effectively and reduce the chances of it intoxicating. I read somewhere that the excreta of cats and the sorts have unbearable smell! yuack thu.
4. They produce enzymes that will eliminate the presence of Uric acid. Since we don’t we tend to absorb them and its as good as storing poison in our body !
5. you know the above 4 should really be enough for you to stop eating animals! The only reason human race started having meat was because some random region in the world faced a famine and we turned to the animals as a source of food.

Do you also realise we have a nice set of fingers to grab hold of fruits and vegtables , apart from your ditcher friend’s neck when they turn up late for a movie!

So when people want to get back at animal rights activists, they ask why do you get offended when we kill animals, you kill plants too. And besides we are not hunting in the forest to catch hold of animals, that you may worry about their extinction.We breed them. well? LAME!¬† How long do you think you can ‘breed’ animals and kill them to eat. You people are not enough with one turkey sizzler per meal! It takes one male and one female and a couple of months to produce ONE off-spring. Twins are a rare chance. It’s not meant to be. Nature speaks to you, you know? Don’t like that line? clich√©d? well, nature is slapping at you the naked truth and common sense. So wake up and stop eating what you are not supposed. Or else…..somebody gonna get a real bad hurt. Oh well, you Die actually! With all weird diseases. Like, the Swine flu. Im sure no muslim died of that! They were smart not to eat Pork, thank God, literally! I mean, seems like human race got tired of getting sick from the usual diseases, so they started picking up diseases from the animals.

So STOP looking at vegetarians with astonishment for not eating meat! grrrrrr…

How pretty is your next Milestone ?

In the months of May and June you may find youngsters sweating it out even when they are living in a comfortable air conditioned house. Not all of them, only those who have just completed their Board / Public exams. It’s time for them to decide on their career path. They have just crossed their first important milestone. So what’s next ? MBBS ? EEE ? ECE ? Journalism ?

I recently watched this debate on tv; the proposition was if the students should decide their career or should their parents? Aah, some of you remember the pain of having¬† to convince your parents eh ? until the recent past, every parent wanted their child to either become a doctor or an engineer. Doctor was the most noble profession (I still do agree its noble, u save people’s lives) and engineering , well it doesn’t involve human sciences, so lets say the most preferred non-bio yet scientific profession. And then of course we have CA. That sums up to a few millions to choose between these three professions.

I remember when I was young my granny wanted me to take up medicine cause she thought I had a ‘personality’ for a doctor. I don’t see how; still haven’t. I long knew I wanted to do something in the field of Arts. well, digital art. My mom gave me the green signal , she being an artist herself (thank god!). My dad never was against me taking up this field, but the worried dad that he was , he wanted me to get an engineering degree before I do ANYTHING.Anyway, all said , I ended up doing what I wanted to do. But I am sure I am only lucky to have parents who encourage the child’s passion. But how many are like that. really. In this competitive world, everyone wants to be in the top of the bureaucracy. Everyone wants to take up a ‘lucrative’ job. Even if that meant to give up their passion.

So what IS in fact the most lucrative occupation ? Well, the first one that came up in my mind is that of a politician. How easy.Become a politician. Not only do u have the money, but u are also given a billion free passes. And the best part is you don’t even have to be that educated !! ( I think I am going to write another blog about how educated our politicians are)

All I want to say is EVERY profession is lucrative. Rather, its not the profession that makes it lucrative. It’s YOU which will make it lucrative. Working your way up to the ladder is going to make you successful. Hard work, smart work and mainly choosing the right work. Everyone is born with a purpose. I personally wouldn’t be successful as an accountant. Cause it doesn’t interest me, so I make no effort to try and get to the top. I¬† may be a hardworking person, but for smart work I need to really enjoy accounting. No occupation is worthless. What’s important is to do what you like, and to do it right. Things will automatically fall in place.

Another thing that bothers me is that our society still categorizes professions as wow, O.K and Oh that one! (weird categorization?)

So if I were to tell you that I was working as a Cardiologist – that’s a Wow; A Visual effects artist – err OK; working in a B.P.O – Oh that same old job!

First of all it takes almost the same stress level to be either of them.

A cardiologist saves lives. True. The world can’t live without doctors. They are next to God. Agreed. But I don’t know , you tell me, will the world live without Cinema? Or is there no ‘technological development’ in Cinema? Are you ready to enroll in any product service if they don’t offer 24/7 customer relations or toll free help desks? If a doctor is spending hours trying to learn how to open a heart and operate on it, an artist is making the same effort to create an illusion, that which has not been perceived before; A call center staff is making the same effort to sit through long hours and try to help his/her clients solve a problem with a broken computer. It’s all the same. Just looks different. When we can laurel at man kind to send satellites into the space, we are not able to dignify an industry that entertains you or satisfies you on a daily basis! Funny is it not?

Nature’s point of living among reptiles and plants and other mammals is to live in diversity. Why is it so hard for us to understand what nature is blatantly throwing at us ? If everyone was similar or the same, we would no longer be humans, we would be robots. We are born to help each other. A doctor prescribes a movie to a stressful call center staff, who was trying to sell Life insurance schemes to his customers!

So parents, stop forcing your kids to take up a profession YOU think is high ranked or lucrative. Instead, encourage them to be smart and tactful. That way no one looses.

Who are we, after all ?

Recently I had a very heated argument with my grandpa. Very heated.

This is how we began. We had just finished our dinner. My grandad goes to the TV to watch some news, and we have Varun Gandhi on Flash news.

For those who have no clue, Varun Gandhi, Son on Sanjay and Menaka Gandhi, represents BJP(Bharatiya Janata Party) in Pilibhit constituency. So what’s the flash news about? Varun is alleged to have made anti-Muslim remarks in a public arena while campaigning for his political party. One of his remarks translated in English, “If somebody lifts a hand against Hindus, or thinks they are weak, there is nobody behind them, then I swear on the Bhagavad Gita that I will cut off that hand”. When Varun was confronted by the press he simply says, “I am a Gandhi, a proud Hindu and an Indian in the equal measure.”

My grandpa is pro-BJP. An yes he is a proud Hindu as well. So his assumption is that Congress (the opposition party, ruling party) is tailoring¬† this as they feel Varun maybe a threat to Congress. It maybe , it maybe not.So thus we started arguing over it and we found us arguing with each other over an issue that never seems to die in India ” Should Hindus stay mum , when Muslims trash us in our Hindu homeland” .

Point 1. We are a population of billions. We have enough problems to mend. From sanitation to electricity to roads to transports to everything !

point 2. We are still a developing country. Personally, I don’t think launching our own satellite cheaper than the Americans or having scientific breakthroughs make us any ‘developed’. We still have 60 % of the population barely on or below the poverty line. We still haven’t reached 100% literacy.

point 3. We are always stuck in a vicious circle of blaming each other. The people blame the government for not cleaning up the city, the government blames people for not  following rules, the people blame the government for not exercising the rules properly, the government mutes the  people who give these remarks by the time!

When we have so many things to think about, why are we so worried about Hinduism and Islam. C’mon 6 decades back, the government already decided that India is going to home 2 of the largest religions in the world, Hindu and Islam. Then what’s the fret about ? Hindus: You cannot possible try and throw all the Muslims out, Muslims: Historically, Hindus prevailed over this land, You are bound to see more Hindus and their temples! How hard is it to live in harmony? How? is the question!

When I was in high school we were a gang of 4 friends. I am a Hindu, One friend is Catholic, the other other a Protestant and the other a Muslim. All of us are proud of our own religion. But till now we haven’t brought up any argument / tiff over religion. There was simply no need. We saw each other as Indians , and humans above all. We liked each others company. We have discussed just about everything under the sun, even religion.

The thing is we all have this weird but inevitable nature of ours. All of us can’t come to like of one particular thing. Which is why our ancestors had to come up with so many different gods. So, technically if you are not interested in Shiva, you go for Vishnu , or Jesus or whoever. By saying that , I don’t demean any of the Gods. But, coming to think of it, don’t you think it makes sense ? All of these people spoke of truth, spoke of how every man is God’s child. They can’t differentiate between us. It was not Christianity that made Hitler kill those many people. It was HIM. He wanted to kill the Jews, and he did so.

So my granddad then asked me, why are all the terrorists Muslims ? I said,It’s coincidence / misleading prophets who converge religion and terrorism. My Islam friend, who did her major is Islam, once told me that there was no such thing called Jehhad in Islam transcripts.¬† How come Muslims all over the rest of world aren’t terrorizing the others? Only those from Taliban / Pakistan and near by areas are into terrorism. Take a look at the countries. They are highly unstable. They don’t¬† have a proper regime or democracy. Unstable Uranium is going to crack up.¬† Unstable ANYTHING is going to crack up. All it takes is proper brainwashing and voila! you have a terrorist.

But to say that only Muslims are capable of massacring is nonsense. What about the hundreds who get murdered by the Bandits(comprising of Hindus as well ) in Bihar ? If A Muslim murders another Muslims or if a Hindu murders another Hindu, it’s not eventful. But IF a Hindu murders a Muslim or Vice-versa, It’s Flash news!¬† I say, when are we even going to judge anyone/anything¬† by the cause and effect rather than by their religion. Are u fighting against terrorism or Religion-ism. If u want to wipe away terrorism from the face of the earth, kill them on spot. Don’t ‘preserve’ them in jails until they bail themselves out! We spray the roaches until they don’t flinch, why not do the same with terrorists ? Because if terrorists die, an entire business line is dead. There is no money minted by selling munitions, by illegitimately tress passing human bombs; in the name of religion, the politicians campaign for votes! How ridiculous. Even more, the people get enthusiastic and vote for religion. Politicians are mere con-men! India produces a 100 movies that blatantly reveal the underground world. And still people fall for it! Once do they contemplate if those politician-cum-religious leaders are following the paths of their religion? Which religion speaks of killing others ? which religion speaks of snatching money in the name of common welfare? which religion even speaks of “using” religion for things other than spreading good word ? When no one is following what the religion says, why is everyone so offended anyway ?

We are so busy engrossed in such game plays and political strategies that we achieve nothing that we can be proud of.

In the end of the day, we are no more humans , no more religious , we kill innocent children for no fault of theirs, we are lured by the political con men,  we are just a revised version of our pre-historic barbarians!

My first blog!

So my friends nearly choked me into maintaining blogs! So here I am.

I have been wondering what to write in my first blog. And I thought, well I’ll just let the words flow out of me (yea rite! more like pushed out of my tiny brain). So since I didn’t flatter myself by filling out the “about me”, I am gonna officially introduce myself here. My name is Santhoshi. I am a Visual effects artist (to be !). I love arts. Like in most of its forms. I enjoy sketching, not painting; I can manage hand crafts, stitching and the likes. I am also very passionate about music. An ardent fan of both Indian and western classical. And No! I am not one of those fanatics who cant stand a note of rap or hip hop. I enjoy all most all forms of music. I can only sense them as music, languages / styles don’t matter to me. So where was I? Ahh, yea so u get the point. I love Arts. Hence, I decided to take a degree which tingles my creative mind.

What do I hate doing? WRITING!!!!

I used to hate it so much that god decided to punish me when i was studying for my under graduation. He threw at me this paper called ‘Scripting’ and ‘Media studies’, for which I had to write pages and pages and More pages. Well, so now i don’t HATE writing. But I haven’t started loving it yet. WHICH is why I decided to start blogging. So you will occasionally see anger/frustration/irritation/all of its synonyms in my writing. Assuming you are going to bear with me, I’ll stop for today and think about something more umm informative the next time !