My first blog!

So my friends nearly choked me into maintaining blogs! So here I am.

I have been wondering what to write in my first blog. And I thought, well I’ll just let the words flow out of me (yea rite! more like pushed out of my tiny brain). So since I didn’t flatter myself by filling out the “about me”, I am gonna officially introduce myself here. My name is Santhoshi. I am a Visual effects artist (to be !). I love arts. Like in most of its forms. I enjoy sketching, not painting; I can manage hand crafts, stitching and the likes. I am also very passionate about music. An ardent fan of both Indian and western classical. And No! I am not one of those fanatics who cant stand a note of rap or hip hop. I enjoy all most all forms of music. I can only sense them as music, languages / styles don’t matter to me. So where was I? Ahh, yea so u get the point. I love Arts. Hence, I decided to take a degree which tingles my creative mind.

What do I hate doing? WRITING!!!!

I used to hate it so much that god decided to punish me when i was studying for my under graduation. He threw at me this paper called ‘Scripting’ and ‘Media studies’, for which I had to write pages and pages and More pages. Well, so now i don’t HATE writing. But I haven’t started loving it yet. WHICH is why I decided to start blogging. So you will occasionally see anger/frustration/irritation/all of its synonyms in my writing. Assuming you are going to bear with me, I’ll stop for today and think about something more umm informative the next time !