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Who are we, after all ?

Recently I had a very heated argument with my grandpa. Very heated.

This is how we began. We had just finished our dinner. My grandad goes to the TV to watch some news, and we have Varun Gandhi on Flash news.

For those who have no clue, Varun Gandhi, Son on Sanjay and Menaka Gandhi, represents BJP(Bharatiya Janata Party) in Pilibhit constituency. So what’s the flash news about? Varun is alleged to have made anti-Muslim remarks in a public arena while campaigning for his political party. One of his remarks translated in English, “If somebody lifts a hand against Hindus, or thinks they are weak, there is nobody behind them, then I swear on the Bhagavad Gita that I will cut off that hand”. When Varun was confronted by the press he simply says, “I am a Gandhi, a proud Hindu and an Indian in the equal measure.”

My grandpa is pro-BJP. An yes he is a proud Hindu as well. So his assumption is that Congress (the opposition party, ruling party) is tailoring  this as they feel Varun maybe a threat to Congress. It maybe , it maybe not.So thus we started arguing over it and we found us arguing with each other over an issue that never seems to die in India ” Should Hindus stay mum , when Muslims trash us in our Hindu homeland” .

Point 1. We are a population of billions. We have enough problems to mend. From sanitation to electricity to roads to transports to everything !

point 2. We are still a developing country. Personally, I don’t think launching our own satellite cheaper than the Americans or having scientific breakthroughs make us any ‘developed’. We still have 60 % of the population barely on or below the poverty line. We still haven’t reached 100% literacy.

point 3. We are always stuck in a vicious circle of blaming each other. The people blame the government for not cleaning up the city, the government blames people for not  following rules, the people blame the government for not exercising the rules properly, the government mutes the  people who give these remarks by the time!

When we have so many things to think about, why are we so worried about Hinduism and Islam. C’mon 6 decades back, the government already decided that India is going to home 2 of the largest religions in the world, Hindu and Islam. Then what’s the fret about ? Hindus: You cannot possible try and throw all the Muslims out, Muslims: Historically, Hindus prevailed over this land, You are bound to see more Hindus and their temples! How hard is it to live in harmony? How? is the question!

When I was in high school we were a gang of 4 friends. I am a Hindu, One friend is Catholic, the other other a Protestant and the other a Muslim. All of us are proud of our own religion. But till now we haven’t brought up any argument / tiff over religion. There was simply no need. We saw each other as Indians , and humans above all. We liked each others company. We have discussed just about everything under the sun, even religion.

The thing is we all have this weird but inevitable nature of ours. All of us can’t come to like of one particular thing. Which is why our ancestors had to come up with so many different gods. So, technically if you are not interested in Shiva, you go for Vishnu , or Jesus or whoever. By saying that , I don’t demean any of the Gods. But, coming to think of it, don’t you think it makes sense ? All of these people spoke of truth, spoke of how every man is God’s child. They can’t differentiate between us. It was not Christianity that made Hitler kill those many people. It was HIM. He wanted to kill the Jews, and he did so.

So my granddad then asked me, why are all the terrorists Muslims ? I said,It’s coincidence / misleading prophets who converge religion and terrorism. My Islam friend, who did her major is Islam, once told me that there was no such thing called Jehhad in Islam transcripts.  How come Muslims all over the rest of world aren’t terrorizing the others? Only those from Taliban / Pakistan and near by areas are into terrorism. Take a look at the countries. They are highly unstable. They don’t  have a proper regime or democracy. Unstable Uranium is going to crack up.  Unstable ANYTHING is going to crack up. All it takes is proper brainwashing and voila! you have a terrorist.

But to say that only Muslims are capable of massacring is nonsense. What about the hundreds who get murdered by the Bandits(comprising of Hindus as well ) in Bihar ? If A Muslim murders another Muslims or if a Hindu murders another Hindu, it’s not eventful. But IF a Hindu murders a Muslim or Vice-versa, It’s Flash news!  I say, when are we even going to judge anyone/anything  by the cause and effect rather than by their religion. Are u fighting against terrorism or Religion-ism. If u want to wipe away terrorism from the face of the earth, kill them on spot. Don’t ‘preserve’ them in jails until they bail themselves out! We spray the roaches until they don’t flinch, why not do the same with terrorists ? Because if terrorists die, an entire business line is dead. There is no money minted by selling munitions, by illegitimately tress passing human bombs; in the name of religion, the politicians campaign for votes! How ridiculous. Even more, the people get enthusiastic and vote for religion. Politicians are mere con-men! India produces a 100 movies that blatantly reveal the underground world. And still people fall for it! Once do they contemplate if those politician-cum-religious leaders are following the paths of their religion? Which religion speaks of killing others ? which religion speaks of snatching money in the name of common welfare? which religion even speaks of “using” religion for things other than spreading good word ? When no one is following what the religion says, why is everyone so offended anyway ?

We are so busy engrossed in such game plays and political strategies that we achieve nothing that we can be proud of.

In the end of the day, we are no more humans , no more religious , we kill innocent children for no fault of theirs, we are lured by the political con men,  we are just a revised version of our pre-historic barbarians!